Why Your Business Needs to Use Video

Written by Vintro

November 3, 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 has been the year of video. From Zoom, Teams and Hangouts to Google Classroom it seems that the world has moved online. But will this trend continue? 

In short, yes! Sales of ring lights, upgraded microphones and clip-on cameras have soared as people discover the power of video.  Gone are the days of ‘camera anxiety’- the power of this medium along with our desire to connect with one another has simply outweighed it. 

So, it follows that there’s no better time to join the video trend (if you haven’t already). 

1.  The Perfect Introduction

Excessive email introductions leaving you uninspired? Studies have shown that using video in messages increases engagement by approximately 300%.  Video introductions not only appears professional but increases your memorability. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  

2.  Increase YourEmail Open Rates 

Emails including video are over 200% more likely to be opened than text only emails.  With our inbox being busier than ever, it is vital for businesses to get noticed. 

Vintro’s video software has been integrated with our email platform to deliver your message in a way that stands out from the crowd. The ability to personalise your video and add your company branding gives a sleek, professional and overall memorable feel.

3.  Build Better Relationships 

Nothing beats video for communication. While words can be powerful, they are a very small part of expression. When using video to converse, other vital elements for effective communication such as tone and body language can be recognised. While text only emails ignore these audio and visual cues, Vintro enables the next best alternative to face-to-face communication.

4.  Stand Out from Your Competitors

How many emails do you receive daily? Now, how many of these do you read? Even when you have filtered out the spam, trawling through your emails can be quite a daunting task. A short, concise video on Vintro is simple and to the point (plus far less labour intensive)!

5.  Reach Your Clients on Multiple Platforms

Vintro is not just for email. In fact, you can send your recorded Vintros to your clients on all popular platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. After all, faces are far more recognisable than names.  

Ready to take your business forward in 2021? In our next series of blogs, we will be giving you expert tips and guidance in order to help you feel comfortable creating videos that stand out. Our aim is to show you how to include key elements that help your business move forward and maximise results.  

” People connect and do business with people.

  Let the real you be seen. “

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