Top 5 tips for better video

Written by Vintro

December 9, 2020

What makes some videos better than others?  What causes you to connect with certain video and others you cannot scroll quickly enough to get past it?

These are questions that we are asked and are genuinely interested in on our mission to help people better connect and engage with one another through the power of video.

Vintro is a video engagement platform which helps people connect with people through a video introduction or a Vintro (Video introduction).

Here are our top tips to make that first (or every impression), that bit better.


Just like any job, having the right tools, makes your job so much easier.  Unless you have been living in the dark ages, almost every computing device now has a camera, but not all cameras are created equal.

Most webcams built into laptops will just not cut it these days.  Due to design over quality, the thin laptop screens are not big enough to house a good quality camera, so resolution is compromised and you will produce sub standard videos.  Invest in a good quality High Definition camera.  Some now include ring lights which are an added bonus.

Ring lights, once the preserve of professional presenters or instagram influencers, we believe are an essential for any office/home office setup.  Ring lights are able to improve the lighting on your video, making you brighter and helping the imaged being portrayed as more polished.

Last, but not least, a good quality mic to record your voice.  Built in devices are there to tick a box on the functionality list of your computer.  Invest in good kit which will pick up your voice and improve the sound quality…it can also be used for your video conference calls.


You only need to look at newsreaders, red carpet events or post sports event interviews….what do they all have in common?  They all have a professional and clean background.  Those backgrounds also serve a purpose.  Some to focus the attention on the subject and  others to provide subtle information.  Eg sponsorship, further information or branding.

Make sure your background is supporting your message, not distracting from it.  We also recommend being conscious of background noise or interruptions which again could distract from your message.

Eye contact

This, arguably, is the most important.  Just because we are talking via a camera, doesn’t mean we should not be maintaining eye contact.  Treat the recording of a video the same as if you were talking to a person in real life.  Unfortunately we are all distracted by the screen showing us what we look like.  We tend to focus our attention on this instead of the camera and the audience we are talking to.  It makes us feel self conscious and uncomfortable.  Maintain eye contact with the camera and your audience will feel that you are engaged and speaking with them directly.

Engaged message

Why are you creating a video? What value are you trying to add to the recipient or audience?

These are key questions that require some thought and structure around it.  Think about the content you want to share, think about your tone, speed and energy when communicating.  We will be posting some further hints and tips in upcoming articles on how to boost your energy when creating  engaging  videos.

Keep it real

We live in a world of incredible technological capabilities.  These capabilities are only improving and increasing every day.  Whilst this tech is incredible, it has also given rise to a growing mistrust of information (think Fake news, AI powered chat bots and authors, computer generated fashion models etc).  We are also exposed to unrealistic norms, those of filters applied to images which remove blemishes, pounds of weight, change eye colour…the list goes on.

You are amazing as you are.  Let the real you be seen, keep it authentic and people will connect and engage with you.

We hope these Top 5 tips for better video was helpful.  Please feel free  to like or share this article with others who you feel  may benefit.

Ready to take your business forward in 2021? In our next series of blogs, we will be giving you expert tips and guidance in order to help you feel comfortable creating videos that stand out. Our aim is to show you how to include key elements that help your business move forward and maximise results.  

” People connect and do business with people.

  Let the real you be seen. “

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