Video Introductions that connect and engage with your customers




Recall rate of video viewed by recipients.

200% - 300%

Increase in click through rate of video content in email.


Rise in mobile video consumption each year.

How It Works

Vintro’s (Video Introductions), are the best way to engage your customers.
In a few easy steps, you are able to createshare and measure your vintro’s

Better engage with existing and new customers over multiple traditional
and social media channels.

Step 1 Vintro

Record a Personalised Video

Easily create professional Vintro’s for virtually any use. Vintro’s powerful and user friendly record feature enables you to create personalised video content with ease.

Vintro Step 2

Create Your Message

Create your message, whether it be an introduction, outline of a proposal or a thank you for your business, the options are endless.

In addition, you can add web links, attach proposals or product fact sheets all to ensure maximum engagement of your audience.

Vintro Step3

Send To Your Customer

Send your personalised Vintro directly to your customer via our secure platform.

Additionally, you can post to social media channels and communication platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIN, WhatsApp and more.

Vintro Step4

Measure & Review Results

Review and measure your Vintro’s performance.

Our platform provides instant insights and metrics into your customers engagement of your tailored Vintro.

See at a glance the results of this powerful platform.

Ways To Use Vintro

Vintro is a powerful and engaging tool that can turn a standard message into
one that is captivating and results driven. How will you use it?

Vintro Win New Business
Vintro Build Better Relationships
Vintro Drive Engagement
Vintro Recruiting
Vintro Brand Awareness
Vintro Proposal Submissions
Vintro Customer Care
Vintro Emloyee Engagement

Why Our Customers Choose Us

“For each of our new orders, we send a Vintro to thank our customer. It shows them just how much we care about them and their custom”


Founder, Miller & Keane

“My role is to make high level introductions on behalf of other companies. Vintro has proven itself as a very effective tool in getting my message across…especially during this current Covid 19 environment with no events and a reluctance to meet in person. Would strongly recommend it.”



“Prior to using Vintro, when attempting to connect with new customers, my LinkedIn inmails would fall on deaf ears. With the Vintro’s I now send, my prospects are opening and interacting with me and I’m winning more business”



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  • Company Branding
  • Document Attachments
  • HD Video Quality
  • 250 HD recording min included
  • Advanced Reporting (coming soon)
  • Thumbnail chooser
  • Customised Landing pages*
  • Option for CRM Integration
  • Account Management
  • Support

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